Thanksgiving x3

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Tue, 11/23/2010
anne marie
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TG Menu. Relive the splendor:

Bread - Ben
Cheese - by David vE
Sausage stuffed mushrooms
Sausage stuffed tart
White bean and truffle oil dip - by Jay
Herbed goat cheese dip
Pear punch

II. Ham Course
Ham with roasted parsnips - by Edward
Sour cherry cranberry sauce
Lemon beans
Stuffing with sausage and parmesan

III. Turkey Course
Roast turkey
Mom's molded cranberry sauce
Stuffing with dried fruit and nuts
Sweet potatoes - by Edward

IV. Beef Course
Filet mignon - by Jay
Grandmother Sowder's dinner rolls
Roasted brussels sprouts
Mashed potatoes - by Jay
Gruyere mushroom challah bread pudding
Beets vinaigrette - by Laura
Root vegetable gratin - by Laura

V. Dessert
Dad's key lime pie - by Wiley
Banana pumpkin tart - by Wiley
Pumpkin pie
Apple cranberry pie - by Edward
Pecan pie - by Edward

I probably forgot some stuff. Apologies if I forgot one of your items.

Dinner Description: 

Hi and please RSVP for this Friday, December 3. Happy December (Elevember? Haytember? I don't remember).

Thanks everyone! I hope you all had safe and filling Thanksgivings, plural. Particular thanks to everyone who traveled, contributed, attended, and ate at our place last Tuesday. You guys are incredible.

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