Supper Club Turns 3

Supper Club Number: 
Sat, 01/29/2011
david ve

1- Smokey Mozzarella, Ricotta and Parmesan Fritters
2- Beet, Pear, Tarragon Napoleons with Ginger Vinaigrette
3- Crispy Sweetbreads with Green Goddess Sauce
4- Mussels, Clams and Crab in Butter Broth with Honey-Cayenne Emulsion and Sour Cream on Toast
5- Wild Rice Pancakes with Roasted Shitakke Mushrooms and Carrot Reduction
6- Bourbon Lamb Ragu with Manchego Cheese-y Grits
7- Brandied Apricot Beignets with Chocolate Sauce


Anniversary Party Cocktail Menu:
by Annie & Jay

Andrea's lavender lemonade
Lavender vodka
Mixer - simple syrup, lemon juice
Garnish - lavender flower or lemon wedge

The Bloody David
Beef jerky bourbon
Mixer - tomato juice, horseradish
Garnish - Green olive, lemon wedge

Dana's Health Tonic
Turmeric honey bourbon
Mixer - ginger ale

The Jay Old Fashioned
Bacon bourbon
Mixer - bitters, soda
Garnish - Roasted orange wedge, crushed cherry

The Kyle margaRita
Jalapeno tequila
Dash of red hot rum
Mixer - Rose's lime juice, soda

Edward's spice julep
Cardamom mint bourbon
Mixer - minty simple syrup
Garnish - mint leaves

The Georg
Marshmallow vodka
Garnish - marshmallow

Shannon's Gin & Tonic
Rosemary apple gin
Mixer - tonic

Chili lime rum
Mixer - minty simple syrup
Garnish - mint leaves

Pecan brown sugar bourbon
Mixer - milk, simple syrup
Garnish - ground nutmeg

Hayden's skull
frozen stare

Dinner Description: 

Here's the short version: Hi and please RSVP for Supper Club this Friday, February 18. Previous menus below. Yum!

Here's the long version:

Last week Ben and Evelyn cooked a Very Special Dinner for a Very Special Supper Club. You may know better than I do how awesome the food was, menu below, or who the Very Special Guest was. This saddens me. Also, Jay hosted. Thanks guys!

Two weeks ago, at another special, but less capitalized, Supper Club, we celebrated our third anniversary! By extension, this means that many of us having been eating dinner together regularly for three years. Supper Club is now like the little sibling that our parents had after we were already in high school. Here's the rundown of the incredible (f)eats:

* Shamil and Alissa cooked. Delicious. Original. Epic. Sweetbreads. All of these words come to mind. Their menu is below. History and the SC website will judge them favorably. If you didn't make it through to the apricot beignets, don't worry, I ate yours. I hope that they feel properly thanked for the major effort undertaken in cooking all day for several days. Even when their brains told them that they were tired and that six courses would have been plenty, their hearts said make seven courses. Thank you!

* David and Gerrel hosted. And put up with my furniture rearrangement and meddling. Hey, and your ceiling lights have a dimmer, awesome!

* AMC and Jay bartended. We got you guys pretty drunk, too. Cocktail list below. Thanks to Jay for executing several weeks worth of alcohol planning and making!

* Rita made the aprons. The apron pattern is based on an apron that my mom received from her grandmother-in-law, brought back from either Finland or England. No one seems to remember. At any rate, you're now all tied to a cooking tradition even older than Supper Club itself. I know that these were a lot of work and I love them. Thanks, Mom!

* Andrea made the pickles. Always amazing. Please bottle and sell.

* Evelyn, Luca, Shannon, and Hayden brought snacks. Snacks!

* Most of you attended. Drank, ate, and sometimes napped or argued the merits of different musical talents.

Now to make a long version short: thanks for an amazing three years.

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