Smashed Peas with Basil Butter

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Thu, 03/11/2010
Sous Chef: 

Shamil's menu !!!

Celery root and granny smith apple soup with pancetta
Smashed peas with basil butter
Roasted red fingerling potato chips
Tilapia with cayenne, lime, and tomatillo salsa
Key lime pie with spoiled whipped cream

Dinner Description: 

Oh hello, Supper Club. For those of you spending this beautiful, spring-like day wondering when you can next hole up inside a dark apartment to eat and drink yourself fat, I am pleased to request your RSVP for:

This Thursday, March 18.

Looking back on last week, several things come to mind:
- Georg's gracious hosting and Jennie's bottle of Jameson
- Shamil's peas with basil, spicy tilapia, and other delicious menu items, which can be found below
- Alissa's slaving away in the kitchen, not having a chance to eat anything, and then rushing to catch the plane scheduled to deliver her into the hands of religious fanatics. Then her key lime pie!
- An almost total lack of racist epithets while Shamil was in the kitchen.

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