SC Halloween III

Supper Club Number: 
Fri, 10/29/2010
anne marie
david ve

Kitchen Nightmares menu:

1. Bloody Eyeballs served with a side of bacon
2. Mushroom Massacre: One triumphant roasted mushroom lording over his sliced, sauteed, and truffle-oiled brethren; served with pecorino
3. Hungry Like the Wolf: Gruyere grilled cheese; clawed by chive aioli
4. Neck Deep: Mini meatloaf heads buried in mashed potatoes and surrounded by a pool of tomato soup; served with bacon-infused ants there to eat the brains
5. The Great Pumpkin: One whole pumpkin pie and a pint of whipped cream smashed and frozen into vanilla ice cream; served with meringue ghosts


Bloody Eyeballs: Gin with white grape juice, blood, and eyeballs

Dinner Description: 

Hey guys. Nice costumes, by the way. It was very nice to meet David's new roommate last week. Thanks for having us over. Thanks to Andrea for providing the gin. I won't go on about it, but I cooked last week and I made a whole bunch of really creepy stuff. The menu is below, as are a bunch of other recent menus that I might have missed sending out. Hope you enjoy them. Also, please check out the calendar.

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