SC 7th Anniversary: Biggest Yet, Made on Camping Burner

Supper Club Number: 
Sat, 01/31/2015
david ve
Sous Chef: 
anne marie

1. Salmon and carrot terrine. Made on camping burner.
2. Chervil soup.
3. Vine tomatoes stuffed with shrimp and mayo.
4. Fish (fluke, tuna underbelly) baked in leaks and beer. Served with peas and carrots in reduced turkey stock, and potatoes.
5. Pears poached in mulled wine. Served with whipped cream.
6. Handmade chocolate truffles.

Dinner Description: 

Supper Club's 7th Anniversary may have been the biggest yet. We had 25 people this year, two winners, three different chocolate truffles, one out of towner, two toddlers, five pets, several attempted Skypes, and I remember it being about five degrees outside. In 2014 we had over 40 active members and over 100 unique guests. It's been a great seven years everyone. Thank you!

Many thanks-
To David van Erk, our chef, and Amy, his sous. It was an amazing dinner and an amazing feat of endurance. Terrine, fluke, poached pears... for 25 people...
To Jay for having us.
To everyone who made the trip.

Evelyn and Ben, long time members, first time winners!
Supper Clubbers of the Year, 2014.

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