Night of Two Ovens

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Fri, 06/18/2010
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Summer Salad: blanched green bean and tomato salad w/ red wine vinaigrette
Personal potato gratin w/ leaks and crispy prosciutto
Roasted rack of pork w/ sourdough and thyme crust
Meringue w/ vanilla bean ice cream, poached peaches and orange blossom syrup

Dinner Description: 

Hello and how are you doing? Fine here and thanks. Here's a late wrap up for last week and a plea for quick responses for tomorrow's dinner.

Thanks to Chris and Andrea, whose dinner took down two separate ovens and kept us eating for about six hours. Everything was incredible so I actually feel a little weird calling out the ice cream and the gratin as favorites, but they were. Menu below. Thanks Kyle for the hosting and for the 3:30 night cap.

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