The Irish Potato Feast

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Thu, 03/18/2010
anne marie

Anne Marie's menu:

Alive alive O! - Roasted cockles served with a lemon/olive oil emulsion, garlic, and parsley
When Irish Black Eyed Peas Are Shining - Black-eyed pea salad with roasted tomatoes
The Irish Potato Feast - Cabbages stuffed with a bunch of potatoes mixed up with other things
Black Irish - Stout gingerbread layer cake with penuche icing


A whole bunch of whiskey, sometimes with milk.

Dinner Description: 

Hi everyone. I hope that you'll have time this Friday to join us for dinner. How interesting that every week we have the opportunity to enjoy something collectively that we might not be able to afford as individuals. I mean, what an interesting concept. For example, last week Kyle invited us over and I cooked a bunch of Irish stuff. That was pretty fun. Menu below. Also, Gianluca taught us how to come on to Tiger Woods in Italian and that certainly wouldn't have happened if we had been sitting at home eating by ourselves.

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