In Appreciation of Turmeric

Supper Club Number: 
Thu, 05/14/2009
Sous Chef: 
anne marie

Dana's Menu (recipes upon request):

- Chinese 7 Ingredient Healing Soup
- American Watermelon & Arugula Salad w/Turmeric Dressing
- Tunisian Turkey Burgers w/home made refrigerator pickles, sweet potato fries & chick pea mayo
- Lebanese Turmeric Cake w/Honey Lavender Ice Cream

Thanks to everyone joining us on a tour of the world via one delicious
and amazing rhizome.

Dinner Description: 

Thank you for attending last week. I'm sorry that my chairs weren't there yet, but I'm pretty sure that I sat on a bucket the week before that so I'm not too sorry. Thanks to Dana and sous-Jason for opening the door to single ingredient-themed dinners and informational flyers. Who knew that a common household ingredient like turmeric could produce such a delicious variety of foods? As usual, you guys take it to the next level.

Number of Attendees: