Anniversary Party 1

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Sat, 01/31/2009
Sous Chef: 

Dana's menu:
1st course: Individual apple, prosciutto, brie & watercress galettes
2nd course: Chestnut & Sherry soup with truffle and chive garnish
3rd course: Sweet potato and bacon stuffed agnolotti pasta with sage sauce, fried sage and prosciutto garnish
4th course: Rosemary & Coriander rubbed pork loins with cherry, currant coca cola sauce & rosemary roasted potatoes
5th course: Bittersweet chocolate & hazelnut tartlets with whiskey ice cream & coffee caramel sauce

I used an astounding 7 pounds of butter and 6 dozen eggs to construct this meal. I hope nobody gets their cholesterol checked this week!

Dinner Description: 

By any rubric, this was one of the most successful Supper Clubs we've had. With nearly 30 attendees, ten bottles of champagne, seven pounds of butter, six dozen eggs, five courses, nearly nine hours of constant eating and drinking, and 2000SF of Tribeca loft, I think we had a pretty good time.

First the thank you's:
Thank you to everyone who came. You looked gorgeous, you brought wine, and you ate soup. You're just an all-around terrific group. Out of our regular attendees, only three couldn't make it this weekend. You were missed. Thank you to Chaz for hosting. Your place is great and your roommates are either tolerant or absent. Thanks! Thank you for the various party favors- Gina for the decorations and games, Ben and Evelyn for the flowers, and Edward and Zahra for all of their help with the shirts. Thanks to Jay for bringing the champagne and bartending. I would say that the alcohol to guest ratio was very comfortable. Thanks to on-the-spot assistant, Hayden. Finally, thank you so much to Dana and her sous-chef, Jason, for the incredible dinner. I know you guys were cooking all week and we couldn't have had a more perfect, delicious, well-presented, and apparently fattening anniversary meal. Menu below.

Next, the usual business:
Please RSVP by Wednesday for this Thursday, February 5. Dinner time is back at 7:30.
The tradition of semi-competitive cooking is alive and well. Hope to see all of you there.

Finally, related notes:
Congratulations to Jason, Jay, and Ben- respectively our gold, silver, and bronze for attendance over the past year! Your commitment to excellence in attending dinner parties is an inspiration to us all. As Jay said, a year ago we were mostly strangers and now it's like family. Only we see each other more often than our families and there is less screaming.
Congratulations to Alissa, winner of Pin the Tail on the Donkey.
Again, best wishes to the lovely couple and recently engaged, Dana and Jason.
Good luck to Evelyn on her LSAT.
Bon voyage and safe travels to Shannon heading to Rwanda.
Post your photos! Enjoy the photos of others:

I hope that you enjoy your t-shirts. I make no guarantees as to their color fast-ness, although I can happily report that the black paint has yet to scrub out of my fingernails. Sorry if there were any major oversights during the presentation- I was two champagne toasts to the wind at that point. What I was trying to get across was that each of you contribute something unique and wonderful to the group and that we all appreciate it. I'm not trying to attach numbers to your level of dedication, but how amazing that if it did happen to be quantified in t-shirt form, the numbers would be so staggering. Also I was trying to turn Jay beet red. I think I did. Saumitra too for some reason.

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